Emergency Call-Outs



Out of hours on call to response to emergency call-out.  Site arrival, normally within a twenty to thirty-minute timeframe.  If the emergency callout is due to a faulty system, the Emergency Response Officer will contact the relevant engineer and remain on site until premises are re-secured.  In circumstances where a burglary has been committed, or evidence of a burglary is found, the Emergency Response Officer will co-ordinate with the Police and remain on site until the premises are re-secured.


The duties undertaken by the Emergency Response Officer can be tailored to individual client requirements as to what action we can take following an activation. Many clients wish to be contacted immediately to authorise emergency repairs to be conducted and when necessary, organise the cordoning off of the area of attack in preparation for the police Scene of Crime Officers to attend the following day.  Alternatively, other clients wish not to be contacted at all, but provide the Company with authority to instigate emergency repairs to secure the premises, such as Gary Cox Glazing to board broken windows, doors and perimeter fencing, Andy Mace Locksmith to repair to replace damaged locks, and other such emergency services covering flooding, boiler repairs etc.


An Incident Report is provided to our clients following emergency activation in all instances.