Key Holding - Commercial

Insurance Backed


This service has proved invaluable to our clients who use this service, alleviating the worry of late night callouts or dealing with unsavoury incidents.  Our experience has shown that many alarm activations are due to a contact break in the alarm sensors caused by windows, doors and sometimes, a trapped bird!  At other times a break-in is in progress, requiring a trained Security Officer to approach and manage the situation in a professional and safe manner.


Our staff work closely with the alarm companies and the police and are conversant with the processes involved with alarm activations and procedures.


This service is also available to clients who do not have an alarm system in place and can be activated by a telephone call for assistance from our client or their representatives.


All keys and alarm codes are locked in a secure key safe, guarded 24 hours per day.  Management alone access client premises.


We provide the following service for ALARM ACTIVITED call-outs:

To act as Number One keyholder between 1800hrs to 0900hrs on weekdays, with 24 hour cover on weekends and bank holidays

Upon alarm activation, the alarm monitoring company will, in most instances, contact the Police, and in all instances contact the Number One Keyholder. Within a timescale of fifteen minutes at the very latest, our emergency staff will arrive on site and conduct an external check of the premises. If the Police have been called either by the alarm monitoring company or ourselves, our emergency staff will meet the Police at the premises and allow entry into the building.

  • If all appears in order – enter premises, switch off alarm
  • Check area of activation indicated and conduct internal check of premises
  • If all appears in order, reset alarm and secure building
  • If fault on alarm – contact engineer and await arrival. On completion reset alarm and secure building
  • Inform client of action taken on next working day if no untoward incidents had taken place