Static Security



Uniformed Vanguard Surveillance and Security Officers undertake a variety of duties which are tailored to meet each client’s requirements.  Clear operating procedures are compiled from which performance is monitored and adjusted as required by management.  Further training is provided where necessary to ensure client expectations are met.


The Security Officer duties to include regular patrolling, access/egress control, searching, and control and management of emergencies such as fire and health and safety.


The Security Officer’s objectives are:


·        to protect life in dangerous or hazardous situations such as slip, trip or fall, assault where the threat or attempt of an assault is sufficient to require an effective response, emergency situations such as fire or flood.

·        To protect property and premises from theft or damage and from fire, flood, criminal damage and defacement.

·        To prevent loss or waste, such as by theft through criminal activity, when evidence of client property is being abused, such as improper use of computer systems and telephones, the turning off of redundant electrical supplies such as lights, heaters etc.  Prevent fire by reporting overloaded sockets etc.

·        To prevent and deter crime.  Likely examples a Security Officer may come across include assault, criminal damage, burglary, fraud, deception, theft, trespass, robbery etc.


When conducting lone working, the Security Officer will receive a welfare visit from the Mobile Supervisor to ensure all client instructions are adhered to and to evaluate the Security Officer’s appearance and performance.  Telephone welfare checks are conducted every two hours.


An Emergency Response Unit is on standby at all times in the event of suspicious circumstances, actual incidents or incapacity of guard, on call to provide support and assistance, and replacement guard, if required.