Domestic Mobile Patrols

Peace of Mind

Ongoing Training



Would you feel better if there was a professional company dedicated to checking your property each day?


We are pleased to offer domestic mobile patrols on an “any time” basis, for one night, one week or ongoing,

for peace of mind whilst you are away from your home.Domestic Mobile Patrols Vanguard Surveillance and Security - Weston super Mare North Somerset security guards, mobile patrols, key holding & training. 


We can take remedial action if damage discovered, with your permission, to ensure your home remains secure, damage caused by attempted burglary, burst pipes, prevent potential problems, such as smell of gas. 


External patrol consists of physical check of doors, locks, windows and window frames, outbuildings, perimeter fencing/border.  Remove obvious signs of absence, ie: push newspapers  and post through the letterbox.  Remove milk bottles, parcels and directories which may be delivered and left outside the property.


Internal patrol consists of an internal inspection looking for any obvious signs of electrical malfunction, open and close curtains, turn lights on/off. 


We are the professional company that provides this service to many homes in the area already. You don’t have to be worried about the cost either!


At £7.50* per visit (inclusive of VAT) we will check doors, windows, perimeter fencing, remove milk bottles, push through post and more.


At £11.75* per visit (inclusive of VAT) we can conduct an internal check, turning lights on/off, opening and closing curtains etc.


*Prices quoted are within a ten mile radius of WSM town centre

Outside this radius, prices available on request


We are available 24 hours per day should you wish to contact us whilst you are away. If you wish to explore this service further, please contact us for an informal confidential discussion.