TV & Film Locations



 Steve Cox - International Speed Boat Champion being filmed at high speed from filming platform.

Vanguard Marine employs registered H.S.E. commercial diving contractors qualified to H.S.E. Part 1 Commercial Diver with R.Y.A. International Helmsman certificates.


Vanguard Marine has many years experience providing the film and television industry with safety boats, filming platforms, safety divers and safety swimmers covering a wide range of marine requirements, from the initial survey of a potential location to supplying safety boat and diver on the filming day.

  • A variety of vessels, customised for multi-purpose roles including filming platforms fully rigged for camera restraint and suspension
  • Support boats from ocean-going filming launches with high payload capacity to inflatable safety/diving platforms
  • Any combination of engine relating to each task the craft is expected to perform ie: safety boat for a swimming sequence with dialogue would utilise an inflatable with electric engine.
  • Access to a nationwide network for chartering any craft specified by the Production.
  • Pyrotechnic safety flares (including parachute flares for night time battlefield filming)

Extensive experience trouble-shooting water-borne sequences, from underwater pyrotechnics to a submerged corpse. All our craft and marine operations are fully insured and comply with Diving at Work Regulations 1997.


We provide risk assessments and offer friendly and professional advice.  Initial consultation is free of charge.


We operate on a national basis.


 Action craft (jet bike) filming sequence from filming platform
 Rebecca Hosking BA HONS- Camerawoman for BBC Natural History Unit.                 Safety and action boats positioning for shoot.